With the current rising of temperatures, the man sleeping on the fridge symbolize the ease from heat and bed bugs from his bed.

What Does Global Warming have to Do with Bed Bugs?

The sooner temperatures warm up, the more bed bugs can start breeding and reproduce. Meaning, the bug and pest community will be buzzing more than normal in higher temperatures. The question is: given the rising temperatures and the predicted global warming, will this affect your bed bug situation at home? “Scientists might want to write

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Missing sanitation steps from restaurants and offices contribute to the rapid increase in numbers of pests

Why is Pest Control still Important during COVID-19

March 19, 2020—The Department of Homeland Security declared pest control as an essential service. To prevent sanitation from spiraling down in this pandemic, we are ought to keep healthy and hygienic working and living environment. With the current COVID-19 pandemic at stake—pest control could keep the community from falling apart to the dumpsters. Our Lack,

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bed bug hacks this thanksgiving

Bed Bug Hacks this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is approaching, a wonderful time of year to come together over good food and great company. This is a common time to get on the road or travel to celebrate the holiday with our loved ones. Unfortunately, around the buzz of traveling, you might not be the only ones to reach your destination—bed bugs

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An example of a cockroach in the household

BEWARE: The Rise of the Cockroaches

Just when you thought you are having a great day, we got the news that might shake it up a bit. It’s this recently disturbing study about our common household enemies––the cockroaches––that may have genetically upgraded throughout the years.  A study from researchers of Purdue claims that cockroaches are becoming near-impossible to kill and are

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